Winger inquiring about still more missing documents 8

Will you get me some help with what ‘appears’ to be missing?,” City Councilman Richard Winger wrote to the City Clerk today.


Though just two days remain before the FPL-controlled majority on the Vero Beach City Council will presumably approve a proposed purchase and sale agreement for the handover of Vero Electric, many documents appear still to be unavailable for review by members of the Council, or by the public.

Councilman Richard Winger today wrote the following email to City Clerk Tammy Bursick asking about documents that, presumably, will be part of the contract between the City and FPL.

Winger’s email to the City Clerk: More…

Elite Airways now flying roundtrip to White Plains, NY Reply


Elite Airways has added new roundtrip flights between Vero Beach and White Plains, NY (Westchester County Airport – HPN) during and around the December holiday weeks—providing Vero Beach residents with more opportunities to fly back and forth to the NYC region during the holidays. Early bird fares start at $199.00 each way, and are scheduled as follows:

Thursdays & Sundays between Dec. 21, 2017 and Jan. 4, 2018:

  * Depart VRB 2:15 p.m. arrive HPN 5:00 p.m.

  * Depart HPN 5:45 p.m. arrive VRB 8:30 p.m. More…

Orlando Utilities Commission braces for loss if its biggest customer: Vero Beach Reply

InsideVero editor’s note: Why has the OUC board of directors agreed to accept $20 million to release Vero Beach from its long-term power purchase agreement, even though the utility’s administrators believe damages will far exceed $20 million?

Reportedly, Florida Gov. Rick Scott called Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and told him the OUC needed to find a way to help make it possible for Florida Power and Light to acquire Vero Electric. Dyer sits on the board of the OUC and appoints members to the governing body. One can only imagine how much money FPL will be contributing to Scott’s U.S. Senate campaign, as well as to political action committees and electioneering communications organizations supporting him.

As the utility giant is doing across the state, FPL has also used its considerable financial resources to buy influence at City Hall. Council members Harry Howle, Laura Moss and Lange Sykes were all elected with considerable financial support from FPL.  In the current race, FPL has invested no less than $50,000 to support political newcomer Val Zudans and to aid Howle in his bid for re-election. Sadly, these politicians are not committed to serving the best interests of their constituents. Rather, the are beholden to the state’s largest investor-owned utility.

The following story about the OUC and Vero Beach was recently published by the Orlando Sentinel. 


Orlando’s biggest electricity customer — the city of Vero Beach — is getting ready to pull the power plug.

It’s a potential hit for the city-owned Orlando Utilities Commission, which is a significant funding source for city hall, paying for police, fire, parks, administration and other services that otherwise would be covered by taxpayers…

As part of dropping Orlando’s utility as a power provider, which is on track to happen next year, Vero is offering to pay OUC $20 million in compensation.

An OUC administrator previously told Vero Beach that such a settlement sum would not nearly cover Orlando’s potential losses from the exit of such a big customer… More…

Florida Power and Light building $3.9 million Tallahassee office Reply

Editor’s note: In order to gain access and influence, Florida Power and Light gives millions of dollars each year to the campaign accounts of members of the Florida Legislature, as well as to the web of political action committees and electioneering communications organizations supporting these politicians. FPL so dominates Tallahassee politics that the Tampa Bay Times editorial board recently described the Florida Legislature as “a wholly owned subsidiary of FPL.” Now FPL is building an office in Tallahassee, perhaps to be able to better look after its “employees,” the members of the Florida Legislature.


Florida Power and Light Company — the third largest electric utility in the country — plans to erect a three-story office building in downtown Tallahassee next to City Hall.

Proposed for South Duval and West Jefferson streets, the building could cost about $3.9 million and be completed by fall 2018. The first floor will be primarily parking and storage. The second and third floors are designated for office, conference and meeting space. Continue reading…

Details of power sale still dribbling in to City Hall – Council set to vote Tuesday 9


At six minutes to 5:00 yesterday, the City Clerk’s Office received still more documents related to the purchase and sale agreement between Vero Beach and Florida Power and Light for the sale of Vero Electric. At this point, it is all but impossible to believe the members of the Vero Beach City Council will have time to thoroughly review the details of the $185 million deal before the meet next Tuesday at 9:30 in a special call meeting.

Council members Harry Howle, Laura Moss and Lange Sykes, who are rushing to sign the deal before the Nov. 7 municipal election, have forbidden the Finance and Utilities Commissions from meeting to review the several-hundred-page contract.

Latest email from City’s outside attorney: More…

FPL funds attacks on Kramer 5

Florida Power and Light’s political action committee, Clean Sweep for a Brighter Tomorrow, recently sent out this mailer attacking Jay Kramer.


“When Vero Beach voters cast their ballots, either in early voting or on Nov. 7, they will have to decide whether they want their local government controlled from City Hall, or from FPL’s corporate offices in Juno Beach.”


Former Vero Beach Mayor Jay Kramer resigned from the Vero Beach City Council last summer to run for a seat on the Indian River County Commission. Kramer lost to incumbent Bob Solari in the Republican primary, and is now seeking to return to the City Council.

Through a political action committee to which it gave at least $50,000, Florida Power and Light is trying to stop Kramer, as well as former Councilman Randy Old, from returning to the Council and having any say in how the company takes over Vero Electric.

Yesterday, a mailer attacking Kramer went out under the name of Clean Sweep for a Brighter Tomorrow. Clean Sweep is a political action committee wholly funded by FPL. Because the FPL-funded PAC is artfully dodging requirements to report its contributions and expenditures to the City Clerk’s Office, it is not known how much more money FPL may have given Clean Sweep since its initial contribution of $50,000 in late September. More…

Indian River State College recognized nationally for student success Reply


Honored earlier this year as a Top Three Community College in the nation for the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence, Indian River State College has been selected for Aspen Prize eligibility in 2019. Named in the Top 150 colleges, IRSC will compete for the $1 million Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence, the nation’s signature recognition for high achievement and performance among America’s community colleges. More…

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk Oct. 21 Reply


Celebrating 25 years of saving lives nationwide, the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk will be held October 21, 2017 at Riverside Park to support the fight against the second leading cause of cancer death in women and ensure no one faces breast cancer alone. Registration for this noncompetitive, inspirational event begins at 7:00 AM and the walk is set to start at 9:00 a.m. More…

Hurricane Irma will be ‘quite expensive’ for FPL customers 1

Editor’s note: opinion page editor Eve Samples explains how and why Florida Power and Light customers will have to pay the cost of story recovery from Hurricane Irma.


Florida Power & Light’s response to Hurricane Irma was the most massive in the company’s history — bigger, company executives say, than any other utility’s response to a hurricane. Anywhere. Continue reading…

Happy 242nd birthday to the U.S. Navy Reply

Historic Dodgertown was once a Naval Air Station


As shown above, Fields 1, 2 and the Strings pitching mounds at Historic Dodgertown are original to the property.

According to author George W. Gross, the U.S. Naval Air Station, Vero Beach, Florida was commissioned on Nov. 24, 1942 “to provide a Navy and Marine flight training base for over 2,700 men and 300 WAVES and women Marines. The purpose of the NAS was constantly revised from originally training dive bomber pilots to daytime pilots and ultimately to nighttime fighter pilots.”

On May 10, 1946 the City of Vero Beach receives the land and training facility back from the U.S. Government.

In 1947, Vero Beach Airport Director Bud Holman invites the Dodgers to look at the Naval Air Base property and the possibility of converting it to a Spring Training facility to house and train the Dodgers and their 26 minor league teams in a self-contained camp setting.

In 1948, the Dodgers opened camp at Dodgertown.

Nearly 70 years later, Historic Dodgertown is a world-famous training site, and conference and event center.

Happy birthday, Navy, and we thank the current sailors and veterans for their service! 

Photo caption: the original Fields 1, 2 and the Strings pitching mounds at Historic Dodgertown are original to the property.

To learn more, please visit http://www.HistoricDodgertown/History

Gallery 14 show will feature tow impressionist artists Reply


By Judith Shores Castino

By Ruth Martin

Gallery 14 presents Coastal Living: A Different Perspective – Impressionist Realism by Judy Stach and Ruth Martin. The show will run from October 31st through November 24th. There will be a reception for the public on Friday November 3 from 5-8pm as part of the First Friday Gallery Stroll. Judy,a highly respected and popular artist, spends her winters in Vero Beach. More…

Cultural Calendar Reply


Main Street Vero Beach is holding its Networking Breakfast on Thursday, October 19 at 8 am.  The breakfast will be held at Florida Community Bank, 4000 20th Street in Vero Beach from 8 to 9 am.  The cost is $5 per person and free to Main Street members. Bring business cards and flyers.  RSVP to 

Join Certified Laughter Leader, Nancy Johnson for “Laugh & Learn” (LAL) on Thursday, October 19 at 10:30 am at the North Indian River County Library.  Start your day with laughter and a positive attitude!



Riverside Theatre to present “My Romance: The Works of Richard Rogers” Nov. 14 Reply

Fall Luncheon Performers Kristin Carbone, Peter Lockyer, Michael St. John and Jennifer Hope Wills


Allen D. Cornell, Riverside Theatre’s Producing Artistic Director, and Ken Clifton, Riverside’s Musical Director, have teamed up to create a special theatrical event showcasing some of the most beloved music by Broadway legend, Richard Rodgers. My Romance: The Work of Richard Rodgers takes place on the Stark Stage on Tuesday, November 14, 2017.

Featuring four highly accomplished Broadway and New York performers, this musical journey through the Richard Rodgers catalogue is an insightful look into the talents of a man that changed Broadway forever.

“After last season’s success with David Pittsinger in concert, Ken and I wanted to showcase the remarkable work of a musical master,” says Mr. Cornell. “These memorable tunes are lush, comical, romantic, and indicative of the lasting impression of a good song. I’m excited for our audiences to hear these timeless classics performed by our exceptional cast.” More…

20th Annual Festival of Trees to be full of ‘Sugar & Spice’ Reply


Riverside Theatre, led by Producing Artistic Director/CEO Allen D. Cornell and Managing Director/COO Jon R. Moses presents the 20th Annual Festival of Trees. Benefitting Children’s Theatre programming and scholarships, the Festival, begins on Friday, November 17 with a glittering gala and continues with the regular showcase on November 18 & 19, 2017.

Featuring a “Sugar and Spice” theme, the entire Riverside Theatre campus will feature a sparkling world of Christmas trees, holiday displays, a Santa’s village, community choirs, and a fun night of surprises for the whole family on Saturday.

Chaired by the affectionately named “Tree Amigos” – Nancy Large, Lyn Law and Barbara Woodward, the Festival of Trees is Riverside Theatre for Kids’ largest benefit and supports children’s theatre programming and scholarships.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this year’s Festival of Trees! ‘Sugar and Spice’ is gearing up to be the biggest and the best, with the whole theatre campus once again involved,” says Lyn Law for the Tree Amigos. “This fun-filled event is not to be missed. There will even be room for a skating rink!” More…

Humane Society takes in animals from Puerto Rico, deploys staff member to St. Croix Reply

Emily Hartin and Maria Ramirez assess the health of a Puerto Rican rescue dog.


Today The Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County (HSVB) announced that it assisted with the rescue of homeless animals arriving from Puerto Rico. Six dogs and one cat can now call the Treasure Coast their new home. HSVB staff warmly greeted Emilio, Dinorah, Carmen, Luis, Isaac, Pablo and Giselle late Tuesday afternoon on a flight arranged by the nonprofit organization Guardians of Rescue. HSVB was one of several animal organizations involved in assisting with this rescue effort.   More…

Campaign cash from utilities? ‘I’ll accept it,’ Richard Corcoran says Reply

Richard Corcoran – Perhaps relaxing from the pressures of raising money to further his political career.

Editor’s note: It was Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran who reportedly used a lobbyist as a conduit to deliver a threat to Florida Municipal Power Agency leaders that they needed to find a way to make it possible for Florida Power and Light to buy Vero Electric – or else.  It appears that in order to first buy Vero Electric, FPL had to take a significant investment position in the political franchise that is Richard Corcoran. 

Locally, Vero Beach City Council candidates Harry Howle and Val Zudans are being supported by a political action committee that received all of its $50,000 in funds directly from FPL. The PAC is currently flooding local media and mail boxes with misleading advertising greatly exaggerating the savings and benefits to come from the sale of Vero Electric to FPL. 

If the contract between the City and FPL is to be signed before the Nov. 7 municipal election, as FPL quislings Harry Howle, Laura Moss and Lange Sykes have pledged to do, then why is FPL spending big money to control the outcome of yet another Vero Beach municipal election? The answer may be found in looking back to the spring of 2013, when FPL asked the Council to agree to changes to the previous purchase and sale agreement. By FPL’s own admission, those contract changes would have cost the public $26 million. Perhaps what FPL is driving for is a solid Council majority that will follow their every directive as the utility giant takes over Vero Electric. 


While GOP gubernatorial rivals Jack Latvala and Adam Putnam feud over campaign contributions from investor-owned utilities, Richard Corcoran is watching from the sidelines.

As reported by FloridaPolitics last week, Agriculture Commissioner Putnam’s political committee has received nearly $800,000 from the utilities, and another $1.8 million to political committees that may have been re-directed to him. Continue reading…

FPL’s quislings, Howle, Moss, Sykes, rush power sale through without review 2

Provision for partial sale is the real Trojan Horse


Moss – Team FPL

Howle – Team FPL

Sykes – Team FPL

Vero Beach Mayor Laura Moss claims proposed revisions to the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan contain a “Trojan Horse.” Moss’ assertion is so delusional it raises questions about her fitness for office. Ironically, if there is a Trojan Horse endangering Vero Beach, it is a provision in a contract Moss and her fellow Florida Power and Light quislings, Harry Howle and Lange Sykes, are rushing to sign before the Nov. 7 election.

Imbedded in the several hundred page contract, which just arrived at City Hall yesterday, is a provision that will require Vero Beach to sell the Indian River Shores portion of its electric system to FPL, in the event a sale of the full system proves impossible. Several members of the Finance Commission have spoken out publicly against tying the full sale and a partial sale together in one contract, and the Finance Commission as a whole has urged the Council not to agree to a partial sale under the terms currently proposed by FPL. More…

Inventions of the press and other falsehoods 4


“So, when Wixon wrote, ‘…Vero Beach officials repeatedly said they tried to reduce rates,’ she is simply not reporting the truth. For in truth, Vero Electric’s rates have come down, while FPL’s rates have and will continue to rise.”


In a story on the latest proposed contract between Vero Beach and Florida Power and Light for the sale of Vero Electric, Press Journal/TCPalm reporter Colleen Wixon wrote, “For their part, Vero Beach officials repeatedly said they tried to reduce rates for all customers.”


In fact, over the past four years, Vero Electric’s rate for 1000 kilowatt hours of power has come down 11.2%, while FPL’s rate has risen 6.6%. Still further rate increases for FPL, already approved by the Florida Public Service Commission, are set for the next few years.  In addition to these scheduled FPL rate hikes, the company recently announced it will be seeking PSC approval to assess additional storm recovery charges.

In total, coming rate increases for FPL could well erase any rate differential between Vero Electric and the state’s largest investor owned utility. More…

Gorry again raises concerns about lack of due diligence on partial sale Reply

Peter Gorry

Editor’s note: The FPL-sponsored City Council majority of Harry Howle, Laura Moss and Lange Sykes has forbidden the Finance and Utilites Commissions from holding meetings to review the terms of the proposed sale of Vero Electric to Florida Power and Light. These citizen advisory boards are also forbidden from meeting to review the terms of what could become a partial sale of Vero Electric’s Indian River Shores customers. Today, Finance Commission member Peter Gorry sent the following message to the Council raising his concerns about the process, and about what he believes will likely be negative impacts of any partial sale.

From: Peter Gorry
Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2017 2:17 PM
To: Bursick, Tammy
Subject: FPL/VBE Sale

Mayor Moss and City Council Members,

The Finance Commission was clear, our vote at the joint FC/UC meeting was for the full sale only. Not for any partial sale. More…

FPL-sponsored Council majority pushing power sale contract forward without review 3


“I insist that the Finance Commission be allowed to do their job.” – Richard Winger


Including the $50,000 Florida Power and Light recently gave to a political action committee supporting candidates Harry Howle and Val Zudans, the company has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars sponsoring City Council candidates who will agree to its every demand as it seeks to takeover Vero Electric.

FPL’s investment is paying off. Council members Harry Howle, Laura Moss and Lange Sykes, all of whom occupy seats on the Council that were essentially “bought” by FPL, seem determined to speedily accept without any negotiation on the City’s behalf, and without any review by the Finance and Utilities Commissions, a new purchase and sale agreement of some 500 pages.

Howle, Moss and Sykes are pushing through the power sale exactly as FPL would want them to, without serious negotiation and without public review. They are serving FPL quite well, but their actions raise questions about whether they are also serving the people of Vero Beach.

Why the rush to sign the contract before the Nov. 7 Council election? Why the absence of any serious negotiations? Why the determination to prevent the members of Finance and Utilities Commissions from reviewing and discussing the terms of the contract in public? More…

Zudans makes misleading claims on proposed electric sale 1



Supporting Harry Howle and Val Zudans, FPL seems determined to “buy” two more seats on the Vero Beach City Council.

In an “Insight Opinion” column published May 18 in the island weekly, Vero Beach City Council candidate Val Zudans made more than a few misleading claims.

Zudanse asserted that the power deal, which the City Council is set to sign later this month and before the Nov. 7 election, will “close the last chapter on the big blue boondoggle that has defined every recent local election cycle….it allows ‘Mayberry by the Sea’ to return our focus to enhancing our local culture.”

In truth, Zudans and fellow candidate Harry Howle are running their campaigns on the electric issue. Both are supported by a political action committee wholly funded by Florida Power and Light to the tune of $50,000.  Despite the fact that he is clearly a pawn of FPL, Zudans brought himself to write, “it is important to support candidates who aren’t pawns of special interests groups…”  More…

O’Malley and Major League Baseball in discussions on future of Historic Dodgertown Reply


Peter O’Malley, Chairman, Historic Dodgertown – Vero Beach, Florida, confirmed today that he is in discussions with Major League Baseball about the future of the world-famous training site. The story was first reported by columnist Larry Reisman on last night. 

“I am optimistic that Major League Baseball (MLB) will follow me and become responsible for Historic Dodgertown – Vero Beach moving forward,” said O’Malley, longtime former President and owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

“The Vero Beach community has long supported Historic Dodgertown,” O’Malley continued. “We appreciate that and are proud of what we have accomplished. MLB’s involvement would take Historic Dodgertown to a higher level.

“Looking to the future, I will be happy to help in any way I can.”

Continue reading the full TC Palm article...

Zudans plays ‘TRUMP’ card, claims accurate reporting on his positions is ‘fake news’ 2


“Zudans can pretend truth is whatever he wants it to be, but his own words speak for themselves.”


Val Zudans

Donald TRUMP

During a recent candidate forum sponsored by the Taxpayers Association, Val Zudans dismissed as “fake news” InsideVero’s reporting on positions he has taken on selling Vero Beach’s water and sewer utility to the County and on the City’s continued ownership of other enterprise funds.

Donald TRUMP, who now claims to have introduced the term “fake news,” would surely give a wink to Zudans’ attempt to weasel out of any consequence for his past statements by attempting to discredit the media.

The claims and denials Zudans made today are in direct contrast to earlier statements he had made on the issue. In a column published in the island weekly on April 13 of this year Zudans wrote, “Get government out of every business where they have no business…Government has no business in the marina business when others can do it much better at lower cost. City government should not be in the water and sewer business if the county can do it better at lower cost.”

Zudans can pretend truth is whatever he wants it to be, but his own words speak for themselves.

So, I will say what I have said before, if Val Zudans is elected to the City Council, and if Harry Howle is re-elected, it will not be long before they are clamoring to sell the water and sewer system to the County. The consequences could be devastating for the City.

On top of the power sale, the loss of enterprise fund revenue from the water and sewer system will be more than the City can absorb without having to drastically cut services. These service cuts will almost surely include turning over public safety to the Sheriff’s Office.

When it comes to bristling at being held accountable, Zudans and TRUMP have good company. As President, Thomas Jefferson, a great defender of the free press, found accountability by the media annoying. At one point during his presidency Jefferson wrote, “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper.”

In attempting to shift accountability from himself by blaming the media, Zudans is proving that he is just another politician. His positions may be relative, but truth is not.

Related story: What Vero Beach’s taxpayers should know about their water and sewer system


Windsor announces expansion of equestrian centre Reply


Windsor recently  announced improvements and expansion to its full-scale Equestrian Centre, with the installation of a multi-use stick and ball field.

Featuring 22 stables and 14 paddocks, Windsor’s Equestrian Centre is a unique amenity for Members, offering boarding, maintenance, lessons and riding for recreation, as well as a full-sized polo field for exhibition matches.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Windsor because it truly expands our capabilities, allowing Members to practice their polo and a variety of other equestrian disciplines on a beautifully manicured field right in front of the stables.  In addition, we have used the opportunity to update our arena surface,” says Max Secunda, Windsor’s Director of Equestrian Operations.  More…

Old outlines his priorities a candidate for City Council 2


Editor’s note: Randy Old is a candidate for the Vero Beach City Council. Old previously served on the Council from Nov. 2014 to Nov. 2016.


Randy Old

I am running for City Council because I enjoyed the two years on the Council, I felt that I was just beginning to contribute, and if I had another term I could be much more productive. My long career in business and finance could be a benefit to the city, and I feel strongly about giving back to this wonderful community.

I am pro sale…I feel this is the first time that the City has a reasonable offer to sell Vero Electric, the community has voted to sell it, and the subject has been toxic for several years harming the ability of the council to pay sufficient attention to the routine matters of maintaining and operating the city. However, selling it is only half of the job, the other half is insuring that the sale’s adverse effects on the residents is minimal, and this will take time, effort, and expertise. This is where my background can help.

I am in favor of doing all we can to help the lagoon, and this includes establishing the storm water utility.

I am for stopping or delaying the fast train coming through Vero

I am for passing the comprehensive plan as soon as possible

I participate in other Vero projects, I am the chair of the Old Vero Ice Age Sites Committee, and on the Finance Commission.

Cultural Calendar Reply


The Treasure Coast Rock & Gem Society of Vero Beach will have a regular business meeting on Thursday, October 12, at 7 p.m. in the St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church, Old Parish Room.  Refreshments will be served.  For information call Ann Metz: 231-0218.

The Emerson Center, 1590 27th Avenue, will launch its Florida Humanities Series on Thursday, October 12 at 7 pm.  The 2017-18 season kicks off with a nostalgic and revealing look at the 70-year history of the Dodgers baseball team’s relationship with Vero Beach. On October 12, Craig Callan, Vice President of Historic Dodgertown, will recall how local businessman Bud Holman and other neighbors overcame obstacles to launch a Spring Training home for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Upcoming lectures are Florida’s Greatest Hurricanes (November 9);  Fort Pierce Jazz & Blues Society (December 14); Sean Sexton will discuss the Sexton Family in Vero Beach (January 11);  Ersula Knox-Odom will appear in character as Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune (February 1) and radio journalist Janie Gould presents a program entitled “Global Events That Touched Florida: Great Depression Through Cold War.” (March 29). Humanities programs.



Humane Society offering $1 male cat neuters Reply


The Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County (HSVB) will be offering its “Boys for a Buck” neuter promotion for male cats belonging to Indian River County (IRC) residents. Surgeries will take place on Monday, October 16 and most cats will be sent home the same day. All surgeries will be done at the Humane Society, located at 6230 77th St., Vero Beach.

This promotion is available to any IRC resident regardless of income. Pet parents need to register their cats for surgery by calling (772) 388-0801 by Friday, October 13 at 4:00 p.m.

The “Boys for a Buck promotion” is for cats and kittens eight weeks of age or older who weigh at least two pounds. Cats and kittens should be transported to the Humane Society in a sturdy carrier. Cats older than four months of age must have a current rabies vaccination or one will be administered for an additional $12.

Funding for this Boys for a Buck event is made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Florida Animal Friend license plate program. For more information call the Humane Society’s Wellness Clinic at (772) 388-0801 or visit

Civic clubs now outlets for Moss’ misinformation campaign 3



This flyer was recently passed out at a meeting of the Vero Beach Rotary Club. Moss and company seem determined to use every means possibly to spread unfounded fear and anxiety.

If someone told me Councilwoman Laura Moss, activist Phyllis Frey and some of their friends with the local Republican Alliance for American Greatness visited Roswell, New Mexico in search of unidentified flying objects, the news would come as no surprise. Moss, Frey and their RAAG friends are, after all, given to embracing the wildest of conspiracy theories.

Recently, RAAG, (a club within the Indian River County Republican Party), sent out invitations encouraging attendance for an event at which Moss is to peddle an unfounded theory she and Frey have concocted about how revisions to the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plane were somehow written, not by City Staff and by members of the Planning and Zoning Board, but by outside consultants and bureaucrats connected with United Nations Agenda Twenty 21. More…

Winger questions Republican Executive Committee’s sponsorship of ‘crucial meeting’ 2


“On ethics, transparency, transportation and infrastructure Moss has earned the grade of “F.” And for its endorsement of Moss last fall the Press Journal editorial board deserves an “F” as well.”


Richard Winger

Laura Moss – Self-described “Queen of Vero Beach.”

Recently, the Indian River County Republican Party Executive Committee, which is closing its doors and claims to be unable to find new office space to rent, sent out an invitation seeking attendance for what it described as a “crucial meeting.”

At that meeting City Councilwoman Laura Moss plans to peddle a bizarre conspiracy theory about how revisions to the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan were written by “nameless bureaucrats” outside of Vero Beach. Moss, having apparently fallen under the spell of activist Phyllis Frey, sees all manner of ghosts and goblins hiding in proposed revisions to the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan. More…

Heady outlines position on power sale, other issues 1


Editor’s note: Brian Heady is a candidate for the Vero Beach City Council.  Nov. 7 voters will chose among 6 candidates to fill two seats on the Council.


Brian Heady

Generally speaking I believe:

1. The sale of our electric utility should be an open bid / purchase offer process inviting any viable utility to bid or make offer.  Analysis of all bids and open discussions by advisory committees.  No break up of system prior to that process. 

2. Any new plan for development or change in any codes should have a review by City Council with their additions or strike outs incorporated and then a vote.

3. Twin pairs parking temporarily by simply a restripe of lanes with parallel parking in one lane of each direction downtown.  If it works then a permanent solution.

4. No sale of ANY city real estate assets without a review of financial consequences.  

5. No further erosion of city owned assets.  

6. City police ABSOLUTELY favorable to any takeover by county sheriff.